Town Hall Brawl is a 4 piece original roots band from Seattle. Their debut album Excuses was released in 2013, a mixture of roots, blues, rock and soul. The band rounds out their sets with Neil Young, Tom Waits, Dylan, classic blues, soul and country songs. Fans say it's hard to tell the originals from the cover songs.

As a teen in San Diego Don Forsyth played guitar for popular blues band The Mississippi Mudsharks, packing beach clubs before moving up to Seattle with Diane, who was writing and performing solo at the time and booking a vibrant music club. They eventually formed Blue Healers, who were nominated Best Blues Band by the Seattle Weekly in 2009, then later Town Hall Brawl with Billy Reed, a veteran piano and organ player who's played with some of the finest in the Seattle area including legendary Kathi McDonald. Marty Vadalabene is another veteran of the Seattle scene and beyond playing for over 20 years as drummer for fiddle legend Doug Kershaw which placed Marty on stages as esteemed as the Grand Ole Opry, Farm Aid and many more.



Diane Forsyth - Bass and vocals

Don Forsyth - Guitars

Billy Reed - Piano, organ and vocals

Marty Vadalabene - Drums, percussion and vocals