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Private Event

The Showbox Sodo

THB at The OT

The Ould Triangle, 9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle

Age limit: 21+

Trio at Poggies!!

Poggie's Tavern in West Seattle, 4717 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

Holy cow, this place has got some character. Or, characters... our good friend Greg Roberts holds something of a residency at this genuine blue collar beer bar. Good people, weirdness. We'll play as a trio and see what happens.

No cover Age limit: 21+

THB at the Musicquarium

Musicquarium at the Triple Door, 216 Union Street, Seattle, WA

Our first time in this beautiful room. I had a really great fancy drink here once with a Thai chili in it. We came to see Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground but we got to the show too late (who starts at 6:00?)  so we nuzzled up to the well stocked bar. Great night regardless.

No Cover Age limit: 21+

THB at The Ould Triangle

The Ould Triangle, 9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

We're back at this cool bar. Great beers, nice folk, outside patio.

Age limit: 21+


Freedom Fest

Jim McLaughlin's place, Ebey Island, WA

Close to 40 bands over the course of 4 days. Homegrown festival held by the wonderful 2013 WBS Best Blues Harmonica/ two time World Champion and all around great person, Jim McLaughlin. Just confirmed that we have the 1ish slot on Sunday. Bring a dish/something to add to the potluck. If you don't know where this is and want to go, let us know. It's pretty amazing.

Age limit: All ages



Maritime Brewery, 1111 NW Ballard Way, Seattle, WA

This is probably the best place on earth. Don, Billy and myself have been coming here since before we knew eachother. Mainly because the food and beer is superior to everything else in the entire world. I'm not even exaggerating. Order anything. I double dare you. Staff is extremely cool too. Good time guaranteed.

No cover Age limit: All ages


Seattle Peace Concerts

Magnuson Park

We're honored to be part of this long running Seattle tradition. Come out and support this cool concert series happening most Sunday's during the Summer.

Age limit: All ages


THB at The Ould Triangle

The Ould Triangle, Greenwood, WA

Hey Charlie, it's my birthday. Come out and help us celebrate.

Age limit: All ages


THB at Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay Eagles, 216 - 20th Ave NW, Seattle, WA

All ages, no cover, cheap drinks and a nice dancefloor. Sign in as a guest of our own Billy Reed.

Age limit: All ages


THB play Americana night at Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay Eagles

Age limit: All ages


THB trio at The Skylark

Skylark Cafe

We're looking forward to playing this lovely room for the first time. We're first up for at 9 sharp then we'll hang out and watch Say Banzai and Excuse You. This is going to be a very cool night. Come on out!

$5.00 Age limit: 21+


The Ould Triangle

The Ould Triangle, 9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

No cover Age limit: 21+